Are you ready for Microsoft Windows 10 yet?

If you are like us and adapt to change easily you will love this post. If not you will have to learn to adapt as technology is constantly changing. Either way there will always be pro's and con's of change. Nonetheless have you heard about windows 10??? Yes Windows 10 is already here!

Just when you thought Microsoft was done enhancing their Operating Systems as windows 8 proved challenging for some to get used to, having to go through a training process or learning something new can sometimes be a really painfull exercise especially when it comes to technology.

Many businesses and individuals chose not to upgrade to windows 8 as we were all used to the standard UI (User Interface) platform from the ancient times of Windows 95 (remember windows 95? smile emoticon What a great OS!) to windows 7 and the new windows 8 may have brought that feeling of uncertainty.

Well then not to worry as Microsoft listened to your frustrations, went back to the drawing board and used a different approach on windows 10, unifying your modern UI (User Interface) with the typical desktop interface. So if you are a fan of Windows 7 you will love Windows 10.

Windows 10 isn't just about correcting Windows 8's mistakes, though. There are new features that Windows 8 users will love too.

There are alot of new features in Windows 10 and i will only mention a few here so let's jump into it!

* The 1st which is one of the coolest new features is Cortana, Windows 10's version of Siri, which appears next to the Start button on the taskbar. Cortana is Microsoft personal digital assistant. So you can control Cortana by talking to you computer.. You can say "Hey Cortana.." and it can do a command. You can also search information and Cortana can give you results.

*One of the confusing parts of windows 8 was the difference between the settings app and control panel. Well now Microsoft brought them together in a new familiar settings application that will replace the control panel.

*If you are a developer windows 10 features directX 12 which will give you total flexibility and ability to control how much hardware power is being used at what time. For the user this basically means that CPU performace can be up to about 50% faster on avg and power consumption can be cut in half on avg.

*One of the biggest things in Windows 10 is the new web browser! We are not sure what its going to be called yet but its code named Project "Spartan". It features a new rendering engine and a new UI that fits along with the new app designs that comes with windows 10. In addition to this is a new inking support that lets users annotate web pages and sync all of those notes to OneDrive and share them with collaborators. There's also a new reading mode that strips away the clutter of a page and makes it more like reading a book — it's a feature that Apple has offered for a while in Safari on both the Mac and on iOS devices.

With the above said there are many new and current exciting features to windows 10 that will make Windows 7 lovers more comfortable in adapting to this Operating System.

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