Build a wireless WAN - Client - Equipment

So with your highsite running, I am sure you are eager to get some clients connecting to it.
To start off you will need to purchase the following equipment (one set per site):

  • 5G 25dBi Flat Panel with N-Type female connector
  • Mikrotik Groove 5Hn 5G Router with 64MB memory and power supply
  • a Tripod bracket (like those they use for TV aerials)
  • an aluminium pole, about 20 to 30 mm in diameter (like those they use for TV aerials)
  • Some UV Shieled CAT 5 and Amalgumating tape(you should have some left over from your highsite)
  • Some raw bolts and RJ45's

Find a good spot on the client's building to attach the bracket and pole. Try and get as clear a line of sight to your highsite as possible. Attach the Groove to the Flat Panel and seal the connection with amalgumating and insulation tape. Attach the antennae to the pole and aim at your highsite.
Now lay some shielded UV CAT 5 (with RJ45's) from the antennae to your switch in side. As with the Highsite, it needs to be a "straight" connection.
Attach the cable to the POE/DATA OUT port of the POE injector. The connect your laptop to the POE injector.
As before, I want you to open Winbox and look for the new wireless on address Login and remove the default configuration.
Enable wan1 and rename it to "1 - Highsite". Rename the eth1 to "2 - LAN". I know this sounds silly but when you start the monitoring you will appreciate this effort.
Open your first interface (wireless) and set the following values under the Wireless tab click on the Advanced Mode button and then change the following:
Mode - Station
Band - 5Ghz-A
Channel Width - 20 MHz
Frequency - (the frequency you chose for your highsite) 
SSID - Municipality
Radio Name - (site name - eg: Engineers)
Scan list - default
Wireless Protocol - Any
Security Profile - Default
Country - South Africa
Click Apply and then under the NStream tab, enable Nstream. Click Apply and then OK.
To be continued...


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