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Hi. In this tutorial I will go through how to replace your very expensive Telkom Diginet or Leased lines with a wireless WAN between your outside offices, managers homes and pre-paid vendors...
I use Mikrotik equipment and where I list equipment, I will list the equipment I use in my live environment, so you can be assured that it works. It is really not as scary as some would like you to believe. I use Miro ( ) as my main supplier but there are others out there. I will also be using the open band frequencies provided by ICASA so that we do not need expensive licenses. All equipment used in this tutorial is ICASA approved.
First off, lets get the equipment. You will need to order the following:

  • An outdoor enclosure to put everything in: I use the following: Acconet IP66 Metal Wall/Pole Mount Weatherproof Enclosure, 4 N Type ports, Weatherproof RJ45. This is a tough water proof cabinet with enough room to work in, yet small enough to be mounted on a pole easily.
  • A routerboard for your Highsite or central connection point: I use a RouterBOARD 433AH, 680MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 3 LAN, 3 MiniPCI, L5, MicroSD, 24V PoE. This router has the capability to carry a large load, run many firewall rules, have muliple wireless and ethernet connections, and can recieve its power over its primary ethernet cable, thus eliminating the need for you to have a power source on your tower.
  • You will also need a wireless card: A nice alround card is the Dbii DB-F50-Pro. It is best to operate on the 5G frequency and these days every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a wireless AP running in their homes. These operate on 2G.
  • A pig tail is the small cable that connects the wireless card to your main cable to your antennae: MMCX(m) 90 Deg. to N(f) Bulkhead - 300mm Pigtail
  • Grounded POE: This converter will reduce your 220V AC to the 24V DC that your router board requires to operate. I use a Grounded Power over Ethernet Injector 24V, 1 Amp with South African 3-Pin Kettle Cord. The nice thing about this one is that is is easy to connect to a UPS.
  • Cable: You will need a N(m) to N(m) - 3 Meter LMR400 Cable to connect your case to your antennae and UV and shielded CAT 5E/6 TP to connect you case on your tower to your work platform on the ground.
  • Insulation Tape and 19mm x10m Self Amalgamating Tape (or similar). These should be easily available from any electrical supplier or Miro.
  • At least a 800VA UPS. This can be purchased from your usual IT suppliers.
  • If your work platform is not inside a building then you will need a cabinet with a power source for the UPS and other goodies. Chat to your Electrical department for assistance.

If you have ever installed a new mother board into a PC box then assembling your case should be child's play. If not, the contact your supplier or get hold of someone who has.
Install the router board onto the mount points in the weather proof enclosure. Please ensure that the board is secure. Clip the wireless card into any of  the slots on the board. Please ensure that you have earthed yourself as these cards are highly sensitive to static!!!! Clip the small connection of the pigtail into the wireless card and the large connection into one of the holes provided in the cabinet.
If you are using the case above (or simliar) connect the RJ45 to Eth1. It is the one on its own. (Mikrotik starts its Eth count at 1 unlike other manufacturers that start at 0)
Close the cabinet and ensure that the rubbers seal and that the case is waterproof.
Next time I will cover how to identify a good Highsite.


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