Build a wireless WAN - Highsite - Location

So in my last entry we got all our equipment together.
To start, get a map (even if it is from Google) and mark all the places that will need to connect. Also bear in mind places that could possibly connect in the future. It is a good idea to make provision for the people that you know work at home regularly.
Then mark possible spots on higher ground where you could put a HIghsite. Mine is on the water filtration plant. I also have a backup on a water reservoir. Water reservoirs make great sites as they usually have power and are on high ground.
The sector (Antennae) that I have listed in the equipment list has a 120 deg field. I have used 90 deg on my planning to be safe. Attached you will find  a map of our town with the highsite and its field marked in red and clients (offices) marked in yellow.
You don't neccesarily need a "tower" for your highsite. in the past I have had sites running off a wooden pole like those they use for electrical cables. The big thing is that it must be stable. And the higher it is the better.
Now you'll have to climb up on to the roof of each building and see if you can see your proposed highsite from all the clients.
Finding the right site will take some trial and error.
Once you have established where you are going to put your highsite, attach a pole (approxiamtely 30mm in diameter) vertically (must be straight up) to the building, tower, pole, whatever.
Then on ground level (or other easily accesable point) install a lockable case big enough to house your UPS and other goodies. Ensure that there is power in the case. Single phase 220V is fine.
Mount your case housing your router to the pole and lay the shielded CAT 5E to your cabinet on the ground. The cable must be a "straight" cable, not cross-over. ie: A to A or B to B.
Mount your antennae just above the case on your pole. If you are very high up you may want to tilt the antennae that it aims just past the middle of your target area for better results.
Connect the co-ax cable and seal it with the amalgamating tape. Be sure that all the metal parts of the cable and connectors are properly sealed. Wrap it up in insulation tape so that the amalagating tape doesn't fall off before it all melts together.
In your cabinet on the ground, connect your UPS to the power source and the POE to the UPS. Now connect your network cable to your router to the port on the POE marked DATA+OUT or POE and you laptop to the one marked LAN. Don't mix them up or you will blow your laptop's LAN port.
Now open a program called Winbox on you laptop. You can get it here:
You should click on the ... button. You may get a firewall warning, obviously we want to allow this program. If you have connected everything correctly, you should detect a MAC address followed by the IP
Next time I will start showing you how to configure the Highsite.


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