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Did you miss me? Sorry for the delay before continuing this tutorial, but it has been a bit hectic at the office. I only have a few minutes, so let's get started...
In the previous blog I covered the installation of the Highsite and ended with you using Winbox to detect the router board. I will continue from there.
Once you have deteced the routerboard with the IP, click on the MAC address section. The "Connect to" filed in the Winbox should be populated with the MAC address of the router. By default, the username is admin, with no password. Click connect.
It will then ask you if you wish to keep the default configuration. Click on the Remove script button.
Before I continue, I think it is important to mention that  the network IP structure of your network needs a little planning. Each office needs to run on its own sub-net and you will need to keep track of who is where. To make things easier, I will share the way I have setup my network, but you are free to do whatever you like...
Once in Winbox, click on the the Interfaces button and open the properties for the interface wan1. Most municipalities span more than one town or area and you may need to install more than one highsite to cover everyone. For this reason I like to include a physical identifier in the Highsite's name. I have a Aberdeen Highsite and a Graaff-Reinet Highsite. For this example I will use "Townname" as the physical highsite identifier.
Change the name of your wan1 interface (under General tab) to "1 - Townname Highsite". Under Wireless tab click on the Advanced Mode button and then change the following:
Mode - AP Bridge
Band - 5Ghz-A
Channel Width - 20 MHz
Frequency - (will cover this later)
SSID - Municipality
Radio Name - Town and site combination, mine it GRTWaterworks
Scan list - default
Wireless Protocol - NStream
Security Profile - Default
Country - South Africa
Then click Apply. We are now going to work out what is the best frequency to use. Remember that other people may also be running a wireless network in your area, so it is best to check what frequencies are available in your area.
To do this click on the Freq Usage button. This will do a survey of the usage of the various frequencies in the area. Choose a frequency with as little activity as possible and fill it in in the Frequency field. mine is 5600. Click apply.
Now go to the NStream tab. Enable NStream and polling. Set the framer policy to Exact Size. Click Apply and OK.
Now change the name of lan1 to "2 - Highsite control". Close the Interfaces window when you are done.
Click on the Wireless button in the Left column. Click on the Security Profiles tab and double click on the default profile. Set the following:
Mode - dynamic mode
Tick the following boxes - WPA2 PSK and both aes ccm boxes
Pre-shared Key - a 10 digit number you will easily be able to remember
Group Key Update - 01:00:00
Management Protection - Required
Management Protection Key - a 4 to 10 digit number you can remember
Click Apply and then OK. Close the Wireless window.
In the left column select IP - Adresses. Click on the + button to add an IP. Fill in the address of your highsite ( Select interface 1.
Click Apply and OK. Close IP Address window.
Click on System - Identity. Set the identity to the same as interface 1.
Click on System - Users. Set a password for the user admin.
Click on System - Reboot.
Next time we will look at adding a client site.


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