Drupal Websites for Muncipalities

So, I'm going to do this a little bit different to my Joomla counterpart, merely because I don't really have the time to blog. will update/upload documents as I go along.
So just for clarity, I have used a lot of CMS systems, including Joomla, and I have no problem with any of them. Each CMS have an advantage over the other and it all depends what you are going to build with it.
Seeming that Chris did the Joomla, I decided to do a Drupal, but also because I am actually porting our current website to a Drupal site. It's not fully active in a live environment, but on our test site it looks pretty good.
Currently I am working on features and functionality and once I am happy, I will start the cosmetic changes that everyone else in the world will see. To give you all a taste, look at the following:
Live Website: http://www.twk.org.za
Test Website:    (**Just bear in mind this link might be down sometimes as I do various tests and configurations**)
The idea is to mainly show you the difference in cosmetics (look & feel).
I'm no expert, but I have build a few CMS sites before, so feel free to ask questions, etc. I will try and help where possible.


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Glad to see it is comming along. Shout if I can do anything for you

Christopher Nash

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Hi guys,

I've uploaded the second version of the document. Herein we look at adding a theme to your installation.