FNB unveils 'You can help' blog


Last night, FNB released a new campaign with a live TV broadcast to the nation. Screened at 6:57pm across various channels, the broadcast carried a message from South African children.
In a first for FNB and SA, the commercial was shot at the Naledi Secondary School, in Soweto, and was broadcast live and streamed online, all in real time. Featuring a speech by 17-year-old Kelly Baloyi, the advert forms part of the bank’s “You can help" campaign and also introduced the FNB blog.

“The intention of the campaign is not to talk about ourselves, but rather to be a brand for betterment by providing the youth of our country with a stage to voicewhat impacts the daily reality of many South Africans through the lens of our brand’s core positioning of ‘Help’,” said Bernice Samuels, FNB’s chief marketing officer.“The challenges before us cannot be solved by money or petty politics, protests or violence,” said Baloyi, during the live broadcast. “All of the great things we’ve done, we’ve done together by helping each other.”

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