how to find the best Servive Provider for our Municipal Website? i need advise on the matter.

I am busy in a project to upgrade our municipal website, i am having challenges in getting the best service provider.

Matome Lemekoana

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Are you looking to develop, host or outsource your website?

Also look at Municipal Website - there is a list attached in the following document, and maybe contact the municipalities directly.



Douglas Cohen
SALGA National office
Specialist: Economic Development (ICT)
Tel: 012 369 8012

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hi Douglas

yes i am looking for both Develpment & Hosting, i want to uodate the website internally\




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I am busy cleaning up code for our current website and will post it here. The site is in its 2nd year of development and in its 1st year online. We currently add new feautures and upgrades.
I you look at the posts regarding website developments at
Drop me an email and I can try and help you in the right direction. Just as an example. Our current website is costing us R70 per month and this will soon be reduced to R19 per month.
All updates are done via each department/division. Meaning, our Supply Chain guys update the tenders, our Budget guys updates the financial documents, our Valuations guys updates the rates section, etc.
I have also built in an extra feature, which allows a moderator to approve the updates before it goes live/public. The moderator is currently our communications manager and he checks the various updates for spelling errors, grammar, etc. The IT division is therefore only responsible for the technical support :)
Let me know if you want some info. My mail address is on my profile.