Municipal Regulations on SCOA signed off by the Minister of Finance

Yesterday, the Minister of Finance has signed into effect and subsequently published the Municipal Regulations on a Standard Chart of Accounts (SCOA). That SCOA was coming was already known, but we recommend for municipalities and IT managers in municipalities to make specific note of this document - especially concerning point 12c, as stated below:

RESPONSIBILITIES OF MUNICIPAL FUNCTIONARIES - Responsibilities of municipal councils and boards of directors

12. The municipal council of a municipality and the board of directors of a municipal entity must take the necessary steps to ensure that these Regulations are implemented by the adoption of any resolutions, policies and budgetary provisions necessary for the implementation of these Regulations. Responsibilities of accounting officers
13. The accounting officer of a municipality or municipal entity must take all necessary steps to ensure that these Regulations are implemented by at least-

(a) delegating the necessary powers and duties to the appropriate officials;
(b) ensuring that the responsible officials have the necessary capacity by providing for training and ensuring that they attend training or workshops provided by the National Treasury;
(c) ensuring that the financial and business applications of the municipality or municipal entity have the capacity to accommodate the implementation of these Regulations and that the required modifications or upgrades are implemented; and
(d) submitting reports and recommendations to the municipal council or the board of directors, as the case may be, that provide for the adoption of any resolutions, policies and budgetary provisions necessary for the implementation of these Regulations.


See also attached the relevant government gazette. In addition, the updated GFS Classification Framework, Project Summary Document (PSD), Detailed Classification Framework of the 7 Segments (SCOA Version 5), Comments Register and Terminology List can be accessed at:

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