I am impressed that someone had done something to get all Public Sector IT Officials to share some information.  This is definitely a step in the right direction. 

I can only hope that all IT Officials will realize the benefit of sharing information on this kind of platform.  We have limited resources, skills and experience as it is and this will without a doubt assist in more than one way.

I have scrolled through the Forum quickly and don't see much yet.  I would love to see people share more information regarding all aspects, but I think the aspect that concerns me the most right now is ICT Governance.  ICT development and implementation in the Public sector was always done on an ad hoc basis and that is still the case in many if not most Local Municipalities today.  Hopefully this platform will assist everybody to learn from each other, not only on an opperational level, but on a strategic level as well.

Thanks again to all who made this possible.  I hope to make valuable inputs and learn a lot from this community.


Colene Venter

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