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Financial Management System

Good Day

I would like to know which municipality uses Sebata as the FMS.

I'm most interested in know about the stability of the system and, how much headache does one get?


Anne Schwarz
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Dear Kekeletso If you haven't

Dear Kekeletso

If you haven't yet read it, this here might also help you in your decision making:

In any case, please keep in mind the plans of treasury to implement the new SCOA on local level. They are still in the consulting phase on this, but their current plans foresee that municipalities have to have SCOA compliant systems in place by July 2016. And currently, as far as I have heard from Treasury, no ERP provider is compliant.

I therefore recommend to visit one of the municipal consultation events of Treasury - you can find a schedule here:

Hope that helps.


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Kekeletso, I agree with Anne.


I agree with Anne. You need to take cognisance of SCOA and really get involved with it in your municipality. I know of instances where municipalities already had to submit an implementation plan by end October 2014, otherwise loose their equitable share!

So make sure you get to grips with SCOA if you have not yet done so.

Furthermore, our municipality regarded this so critical that we are not signing vendor contracts for longer than 1 year. In terms of SCOA, many systems might become redundant, for example, SCOA requires the accounting system to also include valuation or HR... Note, not as a separate system that integrates, but as part of the system (like a module, etc.)


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