Document: African iPad Business Trends 2012



47% of Africans Surveyed had Their iPad Supplied by Work
IDG Connect's 2012 research paper on global iPad business trends threw up some startling results on business iPad use in Africa. In fact, the variances on this continent proved more marked than anywhere else in the world. Read our discussion of the findings, and let us know what you think.  
Like consumers, IT and business decision-makers are finding that the iPads can be viable replacements for laptops. Over 10% say that their
iPad has “completely replaced” a laptop. Over half say it has “partly replaced” their laptop.
The survey also suggests that tablet computing is transforming patterns of content consumption. iPad-owning IT and business professionals are rapidly migrating away from newspapers and printed books, toward digital alternatives. To a lesser extent, they are movingaway from DVD-based audio-visual content towards wholly-digital alternatives.
This transition is taking place with striking speed. As tablet computing emerges into the mainstream, both media owners and marketers who produce content will need to consider the implications carefully
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