Document: Amajuba District Municipality PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS POLICY


The purpose of this policy review is to respond to the requirements of Chapter 6 section 38(a) of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000, which requires a municipality to establish a performance management system (PMS) that is:
- Commensurate with its resources;
- Best suited to its circumstances; and
- In line with the priorities, indicators and targets contained in its integrated development plan (IDP)

The municipality is also required by the Act to:
- Promote a culture of performance management among its political structures, political office bearers and councillors and in its administration; and
- Administer its affairs in an economical, effective, efficient and accountable manner.

This policy review outlines the Amajuba District Municipality’s (ADM) approach to performance management and demonstrates how the system will operate and be managed from the planning stage up to the stages of performance reporting and finally clarifies the roles and responsibilities of each role-player in the functioning of the system.

Incorporated in this review are the Batho Pele principles through which the ADM is striving to live upon in its day-today functions.

The implementation of this system will allow the ADM to collect, process, analyse, organise, audit, reflect and report on performance information. It will also allow the municipality to take practical steps to improve its performance, on the basis of information so obtained.