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Please find the National Broadband Policy attached: as per the Gazette. Some points related to local government: • There is fragmented funding of the Broadband services across government – in particular Provincial and Local, who are not “duty bound” to co ordinate ICT programmes for national benefit / homogeneity. The policy aims to create a uniform, integrated homogeneous Government approach. • SA is following the ITU developmental definition of Broadband of at least 256k (download) • The objective of provisioning of universal affordable broadband includes three spheres of Government (i.e. LG) • Various options for underserviced areas will be developed by USAASA – to build operate and maintain such networks • The government will develop further policies for universal access in the three areas of International, National and Local backbones if required • All three spheres must make the promotion of broadband a priority (both urban and rural) • In terms of implementation there will be a Broadband Inter-Governmental Implementation Committee • Long term targets: household penetration 15% by 2019 / ECN connectivity to all municipal areas by 2019. While it appears only a little from our Local Government submission from October 2009 has been seriously take into (also attached) and I’d be interested in your comments and if any recommendations with regards to the Broadband Inter-Governmental Implementation Committee.

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