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Although the word "Communication" forms part of what we refer to ICT's, IT professional are generally very poor at sharing the news, activties and needs. I though it would be useful to demonstrate what is possible - even within a rural municipality by a passionate municipal IT professional....


Christopher Nash

Information Technology Officer

Camdeboo Municipality Internal ICT Newsletter

Tel:    049 807 5859

Check out the Camdeboo Municipality Internal ICT Newsletter  newsletter! great work Chris.



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Nino replied on

This is great Chris,

What I have done is similar to your newsletter, but in typical IT fashion, by using technology - hehehe - I'm just that lazy. I created a local install of wordpress and set it up as an information portal. I'm sure drupal and joomla will work, but wordpress was the most simplistic. I use drupal for the intense stuff - hehehe

This medium is then used to distribute everything ICT, like news, information, updates, even software, etc. Whenever we upload new info, documents, news, etc., an email is sent to everyone.

One of the things we tried out at the end of last year were POLLS. We were very surprised at the positive results we received from our internal polls, and the negative results in turn gave us some direction in terms of where to focus our attention.

Just an idea if you want to further develop your newsletter in the future.

Our online newsletter have been up for just over a year now, and is at a point where other divisions are also using it to distribute their info such as internal policies, procedures, etc.

Well done buddy and I hope other municipalities follow soon.