Document: Cobit 5 Readiness


CobiT®5 builds on the process model previously defined in earlier releases of CobiT®. It is an evolutionary change that has rationalised the existing processes through combining and reassigning practices within the existing processes and including additional processes and practices for the management and governance of information technology.

Upgrading existing implementations of the CobiT® process model will require:

  • combining existing processes
  • moving practices from one process to another
  • adding additional operational process and practices
  • adding management processes and practices
  • adding governance practices.

Organisations already at a CobiT® maturity level of at least 2 will find the upgrade relatively easy. However organisations at a maturity level 1 are likely to find the upgrade from CobiT® 4.1 to CobiT® 5 to be challenging. Organisations currently operating at a maturity level of 1 or below (i.e. without defined processes in place) may find it easier and more cost efficient to adopt CobiT® 5 and start afresh using the new CobiT® 5 framework. In some cases moving to CobiT 4.1 maturity level 2 may be a desirable stepping stone.

Table of Contents

  • Improvements in CobiT®
  • Upgrading from CobiT® 4.1 to CobiT® 5
  • The CobiT® 5 IT Governance Framework
  • CobiT® 5 Readiness
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