Document: CoGTA circular on the CGICTPF


Last week CoGTA issued a circular explaining the current status of development of the Municipal version of the DPSA's Corporate Governance of ICT Policy Framework. The information of the circular exceeds the information given in the SALGA circular sent out on the 4th of April, which still was referring to an extension of the implementation deadline by 3 Months, instead of 1 year and three months, as stated in the CoGTA circular. As the CoGTA circular states, the National Task Team which includes SALGA representatives is still working on finalizing the M-CGICTPF. In the meantime, the deadline for implementation for phase 1 of the CGICTPF has been extended for municipalities exclusively until end of June 2015. Municipalities are expected to start with the implementation of the CGICTPF in July 2014, to make sure they comply with all regulations by the end of June 2015. The office of the Auditor General has indicated that they will conduct audits in this regard commencing at the end of June 2015. PLEASE NOTE THAT DRAFT POLICIES (NOT SIGNED OFF BY THE RELEVANT MUNICIPAL STRUCTURES) WILL NOT BE ACKNOWLEDGED BY THE AUDITORS! For examples and best practice for several of the policies required for the CGICTPF, please feel free to refer to the LG ICT Network database (e.g. search for "policies"). Also find attached here the CoGTA circular.

Cover: CoGTA circular on the CGICTPF