Document: Draft Public Service ICT Governance Framework


The view that ICT should be governed and managed from a political and managerial leadership is supported by the international accepted best practices and standards in the form of the King III code and ISO 38500  standard: 

King III is a Code of Good Governance emphasising corporate leadership, business sustainability and corporate citizenship. 

ISO 38500 is an international standard for the governance of ICT, which provides a framework of principles for the executive authority and management  to govern and manage ICT. 

Both the Code and Standard fully places the accountability for governance of ICT in the hands of political leadership and executive management. 

This accountability enables the Institution to align the delivery of ICT services with the strategic and business goals of the Institution. 

The executive authority and management of Institutions need to extend corporate governance as a good management practice to ICT. In the execution of the governance of ICT they should provide the leadership, frameworks, policies, organisational structures, delegations (roles and responsibilities), resources, capacity and capability. To further strengthen the governance of ICT the Government Information Technology Officer (GITO) should be an integral part of the executive management of the Institution. 

The governance of ICT is a continuous process that should be embedded in all operations of an Institution, from executive authority and management level to the business and ICT service delivery. 

This Draft Framework provides the political and executive leadership with a set of principles and an implementation approach for the governance of ICT within their Institutions

Cover: Draft Public Service ICT Governance Framework


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