Document: E-governance for Local Government in the Eastern Cape


This project is designed to support the Provincial Government of the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa, to increase service delivery in all sectors within both the provincial and municipal spheres of government. The overall aim is to achieve the national goal of a "better life for all", in line with the Province's own vision of an Eastern Cape as a compelling place in which to live, work and invest, with integrated and balanced development.

The specific purpose of this project is to assist two local municipalities in the Eastern Cape, King Sabata Dalindyebo and Mbizana, to foster efficient democratic good governance through the use of ICT systems with the aim of enabling broader access to infornlation and knowledge; to improve service delivery to communities; encoW'aging citizen participation in the decision making process and to make local government more accountable, transparent and effective.

This e-governance project is suppOitive of an existing capacity building progranllTIe in KSD and Mbizana, whose purpose is to provide capacity building support in the areas of Finance, Human Resources, Local Economic Development, Technical Services and Information & Conununication Teclmology systems. This broader programme will assist with service delivery optimization through teclmical cooperation, access to global expertise and best practices, and project management support. The e-governance project will provide further support to the existing capacity building initiatives which have been put into place in ICT.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Situation Analysis
    • 1.2 Links to National Priorities
    • 1.3 Link to MDGs
    • 1.4 Link to UNDAF & CPAP
    • 1.5 Challenges facing KSD & Mbizana
  • 2 Background to the current UNDP Capacity Building Programme in KSD & Mbizana
    • 2.1 Overall Project Objectives
    • 2.2 Specific Initiatives to build ICT Capacity in KSD & Mbizana
      • 2.2.1 Achievements so far in building capacity for ICT
      • 2.1.2 Remaining capacity initiatives for in ICT fOJ' KSD and Mbizana
  • 3. Strategy for Rolling out E-Government in KSD & Mbizana
    • 3.1 Outcomes
    • 3.2 Programme Design & Implementation Plan for e-governance capacity building
    • 3.3 In what way is this proposal innovative?
  • 4. Project Results and Resources Framework
  • Annual Workplan 2008
  • 5 Management Arrangements
  • 6 Monitoring and Evaluation and Impace Assessment
    • 6.1 Monitoring & Evaluation
    • 6.2 Impact Assessment
  • 7 Legal Context
Cover: E-governance for Local Government in the Eastern Cape


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