Document: E-Participation


Presentation by Andrė Stelzner for the SALGA ConnectIT Event. Key findings of this SALGA investigation as they relate to the City of Cape Town.

Table of Contents

  • E-participation in the City of Cape Town
  • Creating an online community
  • Integrated business processes
  • SAPßECC6 / ISU Foot Print
  • Service Delivery the Corporate Works Management Process
  • To date more than 8 million Notifications (incidents) have been logged on our incident management system since December 2002.
  • How are we doing! (This is the measure of service delivery!)
  • Who’s doing it! (Who is doing it and who is making excuses)
  • What are we doing (Most frequent Complaint Type)
  • Councillors are part of this, they are empowered to create and track C3’s
  • Incident Management is a core business process of Local Government yet so few have automated it.
  • Promotes inclusion
  • Bridging the Digital Divide - Library Services?
  • LAN Games and Youth Centres - Sports and Recreation
  • Access to Opportunities - Economic and Social Development.
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • City of Cape Town: Information Systems & Technology
  • Objectives of our Network Investment?
  • We have built:
  • Phase 1 network – Current core ring, local cables and IRT cables
  • Phase 1 Fibre Core Network- Dec 2010
  • We have built:
  • We are combining efforts with Provincial Government.
  • We therefore believe that Optic Fibre is an:
  • Openness and transparency
  • Organisational Performance Management
  • Thank you
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