Document: The Electronic Communications Amendment Bill


The Electronic Communications Amendment Bill was published on 4 November and interested parties have 30 days to respond to it.

Cover: The Electronic Communications Amendment Bill


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From TechCentral: The ministry of communications will establish an intergovernmental broadband implementation committee when the proposed Electronic Communications Amendment Bill, which is being developed to replace the 2005 Electronic Communications Act, comes into force next year. Under section 72A of the amendment bill, the minister will be tasked with appointing the committee and outlining its schedule and duties. The committee will be required to develop a broadband implementation plan. If the section of the proposed amendment is approved, the committee will advise the communications minister and the minister of finance on government’s investments in broadband infrastructure and its contribution to improving broadband penetration at national, provincial and local government level to avoid duplication of efforts. The committee’s implementation plan must support the aims outlined in the broadband policy gazette in 2010. The committee will be tasked with recommending measures to “increase uptake and use of broadband as well as enhance public awareness of the benefits of broadband”.

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