Document: eProcurement Solution for Provincial and Local Government


Public Procurement Challenges- Traditionally, government agency purchasing department buyers manually create Tender/ bid packets to circulate within the vendor community. Not only is this a lengthy process but it consumes valuable staff time, expensive resources, and tax payer money.
The responses from vendors are in hardcopy, the agencies are required to store a generous quantity of sensitive data over a long period of time. Overall, buyers were faced with the tedious task of creating tender documents, ensuring vendors received the information, store the hardcopy response, and then having to manually evaluate responses, tabulate prices- a outdated process that continually exhausted valuable resources.
Our Solution- With our e-Procurement solution the tedious paper intensive processes are replaced with paperless web-based service delivery e-procurement solution. The capability to issue electronic Tenders/ Bids, capability to accept electronic bid response from vendors coupled with a state-of-the art security lockbox system, allows vendor responses to be kept encrypted on the system. In addition bid awards are made faster due to the automated tabulation capability. Automated generation of award letter (Letter of Intent) and work orders (contract), automated notifications of events further improves your ability to source more efficiently. With the ability to automate the eProcurement process, our solution allows your agencies to better streamline your internal processes while strictly adhering to mandated public procurement policies and procedures. Our system supports full procurement cycle i.e. Indent Management, Tender creation, Tender Publishing, Tender Response Submission, Tender Evaluation, Tender award and Contract Management.
Our Proposal

  • We are offering a Proven, World Class (WORLD BANK compliant) eProcurement and eAuction Platform as Built Own and Operate (BOO) or Built Own and Transfer (BOT) solution at NO COST to Government
  • Complete turnkey solution that includes hardware, software, hosting service, and support staff
  • Guaranteed to reduce procurement time and cost
  • Guaranteed to improve Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness
  • Our business Model is based on charging small service fee to the bidders
  • Service fee generate new VAT revenue for the Government

Benefits of our Solution- Our eProcurement solution provides tremendous cost savings while lowering prices for goods and services. Agencies have reported time savings as high as 90% and monetary savings as high as 70% on any given tender/ bid.Few benefits of using our eProcurement Solution:

  • Government agencies can reach a national supplier base, thus creating a competitive bid environment
  • Ability to manage decentralized procurement with strict process control and reporting benefits of a centralized system.
  • “Going Green” – The eProcurement solution eliminates almost all of agency printing and postage cost. Our eProcurement solution will eliminate 90% of the postage cost and upwards of 75% of printing cost
  • Our eProcurement facilitates government transparency by allowing almost any bid related information to be automatically made public by agencies contingent on governing policies.
  • Our eProcurement solution’s vendor management in comprehensive and efficient. Vendors maintain their own information which provides your agency with the most accurate and up to date information.
  • Built-in integration features enables connection with Payment Gateways, SMS Gateways, email Mail Servers, ERP system. Custom integration with RDBMS based Legacy and proprietary Government system enables seamless integration of our eProcurement system with your existing financial or custom built Government systems.
  • We bring a proven track record of supporting governments around the world. Please click hereto download copy of WORLD BANK case study. The case study is a testimony to our solutions strength and capabilities to solve Public Procurement challenges


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