Document: eSI Newsletter: Edition 22, January 2014


The Institute responsible for e-skills human capacity development is a national catalyst, facilitator and responsive change agent in the development of SA, within the globally evolving information and knowledge-based environment, by leading the creation of key e-skills development strategy, solutions, practices and the implementation thereof, to benefit the total population. The Institute focuses primarily on
four components: research, teaching and learning, innovation and a monitoring and evaluation framework.

Table of Contents

p1 Case Study Methodology for evidence-based research and participative decision making
p3 Participating in the e-Skills Conference 2014
p3 NDP Priority Areas supported by NeSPA 2013
p3 State of the Nation Address
p4 Innovative networks for upskilling in creative new media
p4 CoLab thematic areas
p5 Taxonomy for e-skills
p6 Partners in the Institute’s multi-stakeholder collaboration

Cover: eSI Newsletter: Edition 22, January 2014