Document: Free and Open Source Document Management Systems



Document Management Systems captured the interest of academics and decision makers for a long while. Aiming mainly to facilitate the creation, distribution and collaborative editing of large amounts of documents, many applications were developed to address the increasingly critical need to manage information efficiently and securely. However, most of these applications were developed in commercial, proprietary software development organisations. The Free and Open Source Software development paradigm has been criticised for the scarcity of FOSS applications in the Document Management domain. This situation has changed significantly over the past few years. Currently, several FOSS Document Management Systems provide functionality that is equivalent to their proprietary counterparts.

In this tutorial we will provide an overview of some of the available FOSS Document Management Systems, and compare their functionality and maturity. We will also describe the main concepts of Document Management and discuss the benefits of implementing a Document Management system. We will introduce the practical implementation of these applications by demonstrating the setup and operation of the KnowldgeTree Document Management System. We aim to cover content creation and collaboration, document auditing, search facilities, security and access control features. Finally, we will discuss the future trends and directions in the FOSS Document Management Systems development.

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Document Management?
  3. FOSS Document Management Systems
    1. CPS Project
    2. OWL
    3. Open sTeam
    4. Plone
    5. Knowledge Tree
  4. Implementing FOSS Document Management Systems
    1. Document Creation, Auditing and Collaboration
    2. Security and Access Control Features
    3. Workflow Management
  5. Conclusions


Cover: Free and Open Source Document Management Systems