Document: ICT access and use in rural schools in South Africa: The Northern Cape Province



The use of information and communication technology (lCT) in education can be of major benefit not only in teaching and learning, but also in enhancing administration processes. It does more than just improve the quality of learning, but helps with the induction of learners to technology-embedded practices of the post -schooling information economy. The study investigates the status of access to computers and Internet, whether the schools have computers, Internet, programs, relevant curricula, and whether teachers have the skill to use computers and related programs for teaching in rural South Africa, using the Northern Cape Province as a case study. Despite the benefits that ICT offers to learning processes, the majority of schools in rural and township areas in South Africa either do not have access to computets and the Internet, or lack adequate skills and relevant programs to exploit the advantages of ICT. The findings indicate that access to, and usage of, ICT in rural schools is inadequate. Where computers exist, they are not put to adequate use due to lack of relevant programs, problematic learner/ computer ratios, and most disturbingly, a lack of computer skills among educators. Of utmost significance, therefore, is more than just the provision of computers but also the means by which these can be put to beneficial use in all schools. A vibrant computer literacy program for educators in South Africa (especially in rural areas), together with the provision of the necessary programs for teaching, as well as measures to protect the infrastructure is strongly recommended in this paper.

Table of Contents

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Research Problem
  • Methodology
  • Theoretical Background
  • Findings
  • Discussion of Findings
    • Urban School
    • Rural Schools
      • Baitiredi Technical and Commercial High School
      • Galaletsang Science High School
      • Rekgaratlhile High School
  • Conclusions
  • Limitations of the study
  • Appendix/Annexures
  • References
  • Interviews
Cover: ICT access and use in rural schools in South Africa: The Northern Cape Province


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