Document: ICT in Local Government Conference: Mmabatho Resolutions and Recommendations



WHEREAS the local government sphere is required to ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner;
AND WHEREAS the five year strategic priorities for local government over the period 2006-2011 include focuses on the Mainstreaming hands-on support, strengthening the Structure and Governance local government, and on creating an appropriate Policy, Regulatory and Fiscal regime for local government;
AND WHEREAS ICT is an important indispensable enabler in the effective and efficient delivery of services;
AND WHEREAS ICT efforts at local sphere at the national and provincial spheres of government have been supported with deliberate interventions with the local sphere lagging behind;
AND WHEREAS the ICT function at local government level has not been afforded proper attention and status with regard to planning and resources;
AND WHEREAS the FIFA 2010 world cup provides opportunities both before and after the event for local government to exploit;
AND WHEREAS the ICT landscape in the local government sphere is marked by inefficiencies such as duplication of effort and resources;
AND WHEREAS ASGISA recognizes ICT skills as critical skills for the attainment of national growth and development objectives;

Table of Contents


1.         Preamble

2.         Resolutions

2.1       Establishment of a National Local Government ICT forum

3.         Recommendations

3.1       Telecoms Infrastructural development

3.2       System Infrastructure

3.3       ICT Skills development

3.4       Funding of ICT initiatives at local government level

3.5       Putting ICTs on the local government agenda

Cover: ICT in Local Government Conference: Mmabatho Resolutions and Recommendations