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Background (Extract)

ForgeAhead’s ongoing Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in Government research programme is the product of an increasingly stronger collaboration and interaction between ForgeAhead and the three South African spheres of government, namely National Government, Provincial Government and Local Government (Municipalities).

The last decade has placed growing emphasis on the demand for service delivery and all government spheres are striving for service delivery excellence. The value of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) as a key contributor to meeting these demands has been realised and its potential for enhancing and fast tracking service delivery is unquestionable.

This ICT report concentrates only on two spheres - Provincial Government and Local Government. ForgeAhead’s ICT in Provincial Government research was conceptualised in 2001, while the ICT research into local government was introduced in 2004. This study has grown extensively in credibility and content value year on year, and the ICT in Government research as whole is today considered to be a reliable source of information on ICT trends and it provides ICT information to both the public and private sectors.

The aim of ForgeAhead’s ICTs in Provincial and Local Government Research is to provide a succinct understanding of the status and use of ICTs in provincial departments, metropolitan, district and local municipalities. It also highlights the role of ICTs in enhancing service delivery.

This is achieved through exploring:

  • ICT Strategies and Policies
  • Current and future ICT budgets
  • Current Infrastructure
  • ICT Projects
  • Future Investment
  • Outsourcing models
  • Skills required in the public sector
  • Vendor Usage/Competitor analysis

A further aim of the ICTs in Provincial & Local Government Research is to provide cutting edge information that is intended to facilitate better coordination between Provincial and Local Government structures as well as other relevant stakeholders.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1.  Background
    2. Stakeholders
      1. Department of Provincial & Local Government
      2. South African Local Government Association
      3. Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)
      4. State Information Technology Agency (SITA)
      5. GITOC (PGITO)
      6. Private Sector
    3. Research Approach
    4. Response Level
      1.  Provincial Government
      2. Local Government
  2. Provincial Government Overview
    1. Policy and Regulatory Environment
    2. ICT Infrastructure
      1. Forms of Connectivity
      2. Internet and Email Connectivity
      3. Software in the Departments
        1. Financial System
        2. Server Operating System
        3. Server Operating System
        4. e-Mail Client
      4. Mobile Technology
        1. Cell Phone
        2. Case Studies
      5. Skills and Services
      6. Outsourcing in the Provincial Government
      7. Information and e-Security
        1. Security Technologies/Methods
        2. Common Security Policies used by the department
      8. Future ICT Investments
        1. Acquisition of New Hardware
        2. Bandwidth Extension
        3. Voice over Internet Protocol
        4. Data Warehousing
        5. System Integration
      9. ICT Projects
        1. Current ICT Projects in the departments
        2. Completed ICT projects
        3. Delayed and Failed ICT Projects
  3. Provincials Department Overview
    1. Health
      1. ICT Projects
        1. Completed ICT projects
        2. Current ICT Projects
      2. ICT Budget in Health Cluster
      3. Future ICT Investment
      4. General ICT Trends in Health
      5.  Plans/Policies/Other Technologies
    2. Social Development
      1. ICT Projects
        1. Completed ICT Projects
        2. Current ICT Projects
      2.  ICT Budget
      3. ICT Future Investment
      4. Policies/Plans/Other Technologies
    3. Education
      1. ICT Projects
        1. Completed ICT Projects
        2. Current Projects
        3. Delayed ICT Project
      2. ICT Budget
      3. ICT Future Investment 
    4. Treasury
      1. ICT Projects
        1. Completed ICT Projects
        2. Current Projects
      2. ICT Budget
      3. ICT Future Investment
    5. Office of the Premier
      1. ICT Project in the Premiers’ Office
        1. Current ICT projects include
      2. ICT Budget
      3. ICT Future Investment
    6. Public Works, Road and Transport
      1. ICT Projects
      2. ICT Budget
      3. ICT Future Investment
    7. Local Government and Housing
      1. ICT Projects
      2. ICT Budget
      3. ICT Future Investment
    8. Economic Affairs
      1. ICT Projects
      2. ICT Budget
      3. ICT Future Investment
    9. Sport, Recreation, Art, Culture & Tourism
      1. ICT Projects
    10. Shared Services Centres
      1. Some of the Checklist for Shared Service Centre
      2. Research Findings
      3. Gauteng Shared Services (GSSC)
      4. ICT Budget
      5.  Infrastructure
      6. Future Investment
      7. ICT Skills
      8. Centre for e-Innovation
        1. CEI - Economic/Governance and Administration
        2. CEI - Education/Culture and Sport: Overview
        3. CEI - Health/Social Services and Housing: Overview
        4. CEI - Planning and Development: Overview
        5. CEI - Policy and Strategy: Overview
        6. CEI - Transversal GITO: Overview
      9. ICT Budget
      10.  Infrastructure
      11. Future Investment
      12. ICT Skills
    11. Provincial Departments’ ICT Budgets
      1. ICT Provincial Budget Projections
  4. Municipalities - Background
    1. Understanding The Local Government Context
    2. Local Government Scale, Structure & Segmentation
      1. Metropolitan Municipalities
      2. Local Municipalities
      3. District Municipalities
  5. Local Government Overview
    1. Policy and Regulatory Environment
    2. ICT Infrastructure
      1. Forms of Connectivity
        1.  LGNET
      2. Software Infrastructure
        1. Financial System
        2. Risk Management
        3.  Anti-virus
        4.  Firewalls
        5. Geographic Information System (GIS)
      3. Skills Demand, Retention & Outsourcing
        1. Outsourcing in the Provincial Government
        2. Skills Retention in the Municipalities
        3. Outsourcing in the Local Government
      4. Information security
    3. Future ICT Investments
      1. Reviewing the Top 8 Future Investment List
        1. Financial System and Database System
        2. Integration Software
        3. Acquisition of New Hardware
        4. Call Centre
        5. Data Warehousing
      2. ICT Projects
      3. ICT Budget
        1. Budget Caution
        2. Municipal ICT budgets
        3. ICT Local Government Budget Projections
  6. Summary Of The Trends
    1. Provincial Government
    2. Local Government
  7. Key Trends
  8. Challenges Facing The Government
  9. Recommendations
    1. Budgetary and Resources Constraints
    2. Facing Insufficient Levers for Scale
    3. Failure to Attract and Retain Skills
    4. Putting ICTs on the Local Government Agenda
    5. Establishment of a National Local Government ICT Forum
    6. Other Recommendations
  10. Municipalities Index (TSM)
    1. TSM Technicalities
  11. The Way Forward
  12. Comparative Index
    1. Governance Rating
    2. Information Security Provincial Inde
      1. Security Technologies/Methods
      2. Common Security Policies Used by Departments
    3. Skills Retention Ratings
    4. Access Technology Comparison (Departments)
    5. Access Technology Comparison (Municipalities)
    6. Future Investment Comparison (Departments)
      1. Acquisition of New Hardware
      2. System Integration
      3. Bandwidth Extension
      4. Voice Over Internet Protocol
      5. Data Warehousing
      6. Future Investment Comparison (Municipalities)


I like the way you described


I like the way you described the topic with such clarity. This is something I have been thinking about for a long time and you really captured the essence of the subject.

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