Document: ICT Strategy Review Session


Closing Presentation by the Overstrand Municipality for the SALGA ConnectIT Event. 
Primary Objectives
  • To establish a culture of mutual understanding between the ICT Division and the lines of business in the Overstrand Municipality on how ICT can add value to ensure cost effective and sustainable service delivery in the Overstrand Municipality;
  • To establish principles of co-management and effective communications between ICT, lines of business and external service providers in building ICT solutions that will enable cost effective and sustainable service delivery;
  • To identify specific challenges in our current ICT environment and what measures should be deployed to improve ICT services and systems in the Overstrand Municipality.

Table of Contents

  • Primary Objectives
  • 1. ICT Service Delivery Offering
  • 2. ICT Governance & Co-management - Building Trusted Relationships
  • 3. ICT Projects Management Principles
  • 4. Contracts Management
  • 5. ICT Infrastructure Overview
  • 7. ICT Systems & Vendor Strategies
    • Snapshot Survey Feedback
    • Vendor Strategies and Additional Considerations
    • Systems and Projects Overview
  • 8. ICT Budget
    • Forward Looking Initiatives: 2010 - 2011
    • Forwards Looking Initiatives: 2011- 2012
    • Forward Looking Initiatives After 2012
  • 9. Closure - Questions and Answers
Cover: ICT Strategy Review Session