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Over 2 000 councillors and government officials attended SALGA’s National Conference which took place from 29 August to 1 September 2011 at ICC in Durban.

The aim of the conference was to elect the new National Executive Committee, SALGA’s political leadership. The processes preceding the election involved robust debates and deliberations as well as a number of commissions during which very specific local government issues were discussed.

In addition to the many commissions and caucuses which delegates had to attend throughout the conference, there were also a number of exhibition stands. The exhibitors were from various institutions, and they sought to provide the councillors with a wealth of information pertaining to service delivery initiatives, short courses and municipal research amongst other services.

The topic of ICT’s was raised in the Economic Development and Planning Commission. As well as highlighting some of the challenges and opportunities of ICT’s for municipalities, the following key ICT question was posed:

“To be effective municipalities need to have the correct ICT people, governance structures, processes and technologies in place, including broadband connectivity. What capacity and assistance do municipalities need to support their ICT agenda?”

Delegates also eagerly shared their views on good ICT practices, the importance of investing in Broadband as well as what kind of support and advice they need from SALGA.

It afforded a greater profile of ICT’s and the role of ICT practitioners in municipalities – supported by the commission recommendation:

Recommendation #4

To raise the profile and application of Information Communications Technologies (ICT’s) for effective municipal administration, governance and e-participation and to ensure that all municipalities are connected on fast affordable broadband by 2014

The Conference was a huge success  and congratulations to the newly elected SALGA NEC, with Councillor Thabo Manyoni as the new Chairperson of SALGA

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See the Commission and Recommencations attached.

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