Document: iNeSI Newsletter (former eSI newsletter), Edition 23, February 2014


Newsletter of the Ikamva National e-Skills Institute (iNeSI):

The Ikamva National e-Skills Institute (iNeSI) is a national catalyst, facilitator and responsive change agent in the development of SA, within the globally evolving information and knowledge-based environment, by leading the creation of key e-skills development strategy, solutions, practices and the implementation thereof, to benefit the total population. iNeSI focuses primarily on four components: research, teaching and learning, innovation and a monitoring and evaluation framework.

Table of Contents

p1 The iNeSI launch 2014 - Multi-stakeholder collaboration for the developmental state

p4 Building SA’s human capacity to harness ICT around the NDP goals

p5 NDP Priority Areas supported by NeSPA 2013

p6 Building an inclusive economy through e-skills

p6 Contact information for iNeSI

p7 iNeSI and Digital Opportunity

p8 iNeSI provincial CoLab thematic areas

p9 National e-skills architecture to directly respond to SA Connect and the drop in e-readiness ranking

p9 The National Integrated ICT Policy Green Paper - call for participation

p10 South Africa Connect, broadband policy - creating opportunities, ensuring inclusion

p11 e-Skills capacity development for the Creative Economy

p11 Understanding effective e-learning practices

p12 Taxonomy for e-skills

p13 Partners in the Ikamva National e-Skills Institute multi-stakeholder collaboration

Cover: iNeSI Newsletter (former eSI newsletter), Edition 23, February 2014