Document: Local Government Services


Presentation by EOH for the SALGA ConnectIT Event. The presentation focues on how to support service delivery with ICT.

Table of Contents

  • EOH at a glance
  • Some of our South African Clients
  • Key Message
  • One of the most pressing challenges facing South Africa is the need to strengthen local government.
  • Causes include
  • Outstanding debt payments for municipal services
  • Financial mismanagement and Maladministration
  • Lack of Capacity
  • Lack of / Poor service delivery (water, sanitation, electricity, refuse removal)
  • Lack of communication with communities
  • Government officials who spend time focusing on their personal business interests at the expense of service delivery.
  • Help deal with poverty and unemployment
  • Violation of MFMA & Supply Chain Mgt ‐ results in tender irregularities, fuels corruption, erodes confidence in municipal leadership and compromises service delivery.
  • Effective Service Delivery and confidence in
  • Implementing effective ICT in the Public Sector can help deal with
  • The Conditions & Challenges impacting Local Government Today
  • EOH Solutions for Local Government
  • EOH Value Proposition
  • The EOH Enablement Approach
  • EOH Municipality in a Box E‐Government platform
  • What makes the EOH difference?
  • Key Message
  • Discussion/ Comments
Cover: Local Government Services


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