Document: Social Media for Local Government



Tips, Policy Guidelines and Principles for the use of Social Media in Local Government

Version 1.2 September 2012

Table of Contents

What is Social Media? 3
Who is involved in social media? 3
Most commonly used Social Media and Web 2.0 platforms 4
Twitter 4
Facebook 4
Blogs 4
Wikis 5
Video Sharing (YouTube) 5
SMS – as a Social Media Tool 5
Why does Social Media matters for local government? 7
Introduction 7
Social Media Use in Government 7
Using Social Media in Government 8
Why we need a policy that covers Social Media and what should be addressed in such a policy? 10
Creating and sustaining a social media policy 10
Checklist for Drafting a Social Media Policy 10
Eight essential elements for government social media 12
Legal implications associated with gov 2.0 and social networking 12
Examples of Frameworks, Best practices, Guidelines, Policies 13
5 Social Media Tips for Municipal Governments 13
1. You’ll Need A Plan. 13
2. Define Your Voice. 13
3. Have A Conversation. 13
4. Gain Their Trust. 13
5. Who’s In Charge? 13
One Last Thing… 14
5 Steps to building Social Media presence from scratch 14
Expectations for Online Spokespeople 15
Additional information 16