Document: State of Local Government ICT (2009/10)


‘Working together to make ICTs relevant to our people’.

In this speech, the Minister of Communication posed the question; ‘How do ICTs assist as a tool to support National Imperatives?’ In a similar vain, Local Government as a key delivery arm of Government should be questioning their role in:

  • Making ICT’s revelant within their municipalities;
  • Using ICT’s as a tool to support National Governments socio-economic imperatives.

Local municipalities are a fertile ground for the application ICT’s. They are at the front lines of government in their service-oriented interaction with the public and business, often in transaction based systems with many, interlinked components. As such, municipalities have considerable potential to assist in the process of integration of ICTs into the daily lives of its citizens

Cover: State of Local Government ICT (2009/10)


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