Document: Template: Main Agreement on ICT related services & systems (Overstrand Municipality)


This Main Agreement by Overstrand municipality can serve a s atemplate for other municipalities, especially concerning the upcoming new arrangements to be made with Service Providers on the SCOA-compliant financial systems.

Please take note of the following matters when reviewing this Overstrand Main Agreement (OMA):
1. This OMA is to ensure full compliance to all regulatory requirements as per the MFMA as well as SCM Policy Frameworks;
2. It also ensures that minimum requirements are set for Services to be rendered by service Providers;
3. It also defines objective standards to measure the performance of service Providers and the quality of their Services
4. It also makes reference to specific duties and obligations of the service provider to mitigate any potential legal and commercial risks ussually not covered by the service provider's License Agreement and Service Level Agreement
5. The service provider's License Agreement and Service Level Agreement become Annexures to this Main Agreement.
6. During a tender process, this Main Agreement becomes part of the Tender documentation as the Special Conditions of Contracting (SCC)for ICT related Services and Systems and is supplementary to the General Conditions of Contracting (GCC).
7. Better alignment between the GCC by NT and this SCC might still be required (for further consideration)

For further inquiries and support on this OMA please contact Jaap van Staden (