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has anyone started development in html5.  can you share your thoughts and views on the future of html5 in service delivery.

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Mahesh.srini, So far I


So far I haven't done anything from scratch, given that PHP is my programming language of choice, but from the couple of edits and hacks I did there is definitely place for HMTL5 in service delivery....

Just think of applications like a public helpdesk, where HTML5 will allow you to create it for users of mobile phones to use it as well.

I think HTML5 and the mobile arena is going to impact on service delivery requirements the most, from a municipal perspective, given that most people in South Africa, especially lower income groups, access internet via cellphone.

There is obviously a lot more to get into, but reading up on google, you will soon realize how HTML5, together with other technologies, will benefit service delivery.


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