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ICT Helpdesk software

Hi does anybody have a recommendation on good helpdesk/service desk sofware to use for managing user requests?

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we are currently using

we are currently using Track-it helpdesk software which follows ITIL standards and is quite good. it helps log calls, route them to the relevant techie and the techie updates progress online, keeps the end user informed, also generates very good reports for operational management meetings on outstanding calls of the techies and their weekly/monthly performance - which is also required by the AG.

in my previous place, we were using alloy software which is quite good as well.


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I have been using Spiceworks

I have been using Spiceworks which is a free program with much success. I have recently purchased SysAid (though they have a free version) for better asset auditing and software control. And they provide integrated remote control.
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Cornell_Stofberg, I think I


I think I made a similar request somewhere else in this Forum, but after months and months of research and testing I found a completely free open source solution called Support Incident Tracker (http://sitracker.org)

One of my requirements was that it had to integrate with our domain (Active Directory) for authentication purposes. This free piece of software integrated seamlessly with our domain, so users don't have to worry about password changes, etc.

The another features I like is the Service Levels, reporting, as well as the "billing" sections.

1. Service levels allows me to track my IT team and how quickly they respond an if they respond within the time-frames negotiated with other departments.

2. Reports are limited, but better then some of the other systems I've tested. I submit monthly reports to our ICT Steering Committee, which obviously helps them to keep the pulse on ICT performance, but at the same time they can see how much we actually do in the municipality.

3. The billing section is a feature that is not really required in the municipality, but I use this to provide reports on cost savings. For example, I will work out the average hour rate charged by service providers to install a network point. So if one of my techs install 3 network points for the month, I reflect this to our costing department as costs saved by the municipality, opposed to outsourcing such a service.


Ps. did I mention it was completely free and took me only a day to setup and integrate.

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