Learning Management System (LMS)

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Learning Management System (LMS)

What is Salga's policy on the use of Learning management systems does anyone know? The skills shortages in local government can be solved by the use of these systems as they are cheaper and fairly easy to implement and use.

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Re: Learning Management System (LMS)

Hi Lulama,

From what i know, somebody is developing an elearning system for administration in provincial and national government right now. I am not sure how far that project went. In local government there is still a big gap.

Within this portal we also want to collect e-learning options for local government, so if you know of any, just tell us.



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What is we were to pool our

What is we were to pool our resources and build our own? Covering our most essential needs...
Anyone interesting in contributing content?
I'll look into the hard part.

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Guys, I know this was 2011,


I know this was 2011, but I implemented Chamilo (open-source) to provide policy training to users. We haven't used it a lot, but this was mainly due to our HR department not having the resources to actually actively use the system so that it shows benefit.


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