Social media in the workplace- YES or NO?

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Social media in the workplace- YES or NO?

Do employees really deserve to be corralled into a digital closure?

The corporate environment and its attitude towards employee trust can often be baffling concept to get your head around. Permitting the use of social media within the workplace is a concept often burdened with complication and doubt. Senior management frequently believes than an open digital environment might encourage the wrong sorts of behavior, reducing productivity and exposing the business to unnecessary risk. The reality is that many of the world’s top employers not only authorize the use of social media platforms at work, but actually encourage it. Instead of allowing employee gossip at the water cooler, these organizations prefer to have it occur in an environment where it can be monitored and understood. Instead of convincing staff that their workplace is is stifling and behind the times,theyre leveraging their personnel tp recruit contacts to available positions via Facebook, Linkedln or twitter.
Instead of engendering a lack of trust in low-level employees, they are urging staff to use social media platforms to comment and ask questions. More importantly,divisional heads and CEO’s are responding to them.
As the torrent of social media begins to tighten its grip on corporate South Africa,you have a choice to sink or swim.

-Tom Manners.

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While it is all good and well

While it is all good and well to permitted the use of social media, I think we need to think about who we give access to these resources very carefully.
Internet access in general is a very hot topic in our municipality, with one half arguing that restrictions inhibit productivity and the other half saying the converse. Not surprisingly departments with the guiltiest parties for abuse arguing for open access.
It was during the course of my investigation and preparation for comments on this matter that I lost my trust in most employees.
In my investigation, I found that lower level employees will push work aside to rather play Facebook games like Farmville and pursue online relationships through sites like MSN Dating.
They also spend more time on personal emails and Facebook gossip than they do in performing their duties.
Surprisingly, I found that this trend drastically inverts as I moved up the organizational structure with most managers reporting what my logs confirmed, that they barely have time to use the internet, official or personal.
And so it is that I have to disagree with this article, or at least for when applying it to our municipality. It is through the stringent control of access to internet and thereafter social media that our productivity has increased.

Christopher Nash

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ThabisileMohale, I agree with


I agree with Chris. In our case I used a system to track users by doing the following...

1. The system allowed me to track websites visited and report it to me weekly.

2. I opened up the internet for everyone and sent out a mail to tell them internet is open, but it should be used to the benefit of the municipality.

Well, after just two weeks, the top 5 websites visited daily for extensively long hours were all social media sites, like FaceBook, Twitter, etc.

I presented this report and it was decided that internet is closed for all employees, with the exception of Directors and deputy-directors. Anyone who then required access to the internet had to motivate it to their director and that Director had to give me written permission to open internet access.

I still present monthly reports on sites visited and by whom, how long people spend on the internet, etc. Because even people in management position can abuse the internet. :)

I think we need to face the fact - Employees are not disciplined enough when it comes to the internet, and the reasons therefore is a topic for another discussion :)


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