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Windows 8

Just installed windows 8 Enterprise and Office 2013 professional  on my Lenovo Tablet X220.  It works gr8.  The metro style works very nice with the touch.  Its unlike my iPad but I enjoy using it.
Office 2013 is gr8 also.  Works nice with Windows 8
There are some gr8 apps also available for free also.
Thumbs up to Microsoft .....

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I also enjoy my Windows 8 but

I also enjoy my Windows 8 but I have found that some of my fellow employees are struggling with the change. Especially with the loss of the "Start" button bottom left.
I would advise that fellow ICT Officers and the like set some time aside for extra training for staff to take them through the changes and particularly how it will affect them.
While Windows 8 is nice on touch screens it is a little lumpy to operate with a mouse.
Just a thought.

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Guys, guys, guys.... Sorry

Guys, guys, guys.... Sorry but I am still on a split opinion regarding win8

I got into IT when Windows was a mere though, back in the IBM days and DOS, but lets look at history of WINDOWS for desktops/laptops:

Windows 3 - Stuff up!
Windows 3.1 - Comparatively stable
Windows 95 - Stuff up!
Windows 98 - Comparatively stable
Windows ME - Stuff up!
Windows XP - Comparatively stable
Windows Vista - Stuff up!
Windows 7 - Comparatively stable
Windows 8 --> ???? Need I type it out??? Stuff up!...

Even Microsoft realized this and quickly brought out Windows 8.1. And no the 8.1 version isn't an update or service pack, its a full blown operating system.

MsOffice 2013 is still fairly OK, except for occasional crashes with things like its built in pdf, etc.

Maybe the next release will be better, because I removed it after the first week.


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My 2 cents worth I believe

My 2 cents worth

I believe Microsoft wanted to tap into the tablet market by introducing Win 8, given that Apple & Android devices had already a big chunk of the market and clearly the Tech trend was proving that Tablets were the way to go.

Win 8 on a laptop or desktop is a nightmare, Microsoft need to rethink their strategy. I know that one can tweak the reg settings to get the start button back but its still not the same feel.

Im still still sticking to Win 7 for now

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Update - Windows 10 is out

Update - Windows 10 is out for beta testing and from what I hear it is "comparatively stable" if I can add on to my comments above - To be expected!


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