Cover: eThekwini Performance Management System Framework
4 years 12 months ago
Introduction Performance Management is a process which measures the implementation of the organisation‟s strategy. At Local Government level this has become an imperative, with economic development,...
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Cover: GIS and Decision Making: The key to Durban’s challenges
5 years 9 months ago
Questioned Addressed: Is the GIS used to help make decisions, or is it used to justify decisions made for many other reasons? Today’s decision needs to be information driven Our systems and tools...
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Microsoft TechDays 2012 – Durban

During this session we will briefly review what was started in the Introduction and continue to enhance the application. Demonstrating the share and search charms as well as how to test the various purchasing options available on the Windows Store. Finally we will step through the process to get...
12 October 2012
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2nd Sigma IT Annual ICT Symposium for Councillors and Officials: Turnaround roadmap for ICT in Municipalities organized in partnership

Sigma IT in partnership with the Institute of Local Government Managers KZN will be conducting its annual ICT symposium which is aimed at capacitating Councillors and Officials on the topical issues affecting ICT in Municipalities. The symposium aims to bring in key speakers from the Auditor...
15 October 2012 to 16 October 2012
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6 years 12 months ago
From Techcentral: Near-field communication, or NFC, is taking the mobile world by storm, with operators and payments companies predicting it will change the way people buy and sell goods, potentially...

Protection of Personal Information – An Overview

COMPLYING WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF KING III AND CURRENT LEGISLATION FOR THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION The King Committee on Corporate Governance in South Africa has emphasised the need for companies to ensure that there are systems in place for personal information to be treated by...
25 August 2011
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