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Dear LG ICT followers


The DPSA has launched a survey to find out if and how stakeholders in government implemented the 2007 FOSS policy - and what they see as the central discussions around FOSS nowadays. The aim of this is to understand the challenges and the needs of government when it comes to FOSS, and the outcome will assist the department in reviewing the current policy. You can read more about this in our article below. 


If you want to check what the policy is all about, you can find the most recent version of the policy and the subsequent roadmap on the LG ICT website: or directly at SITA:


And to give you some further food for thought, we sourced some documents that look at the issues around FOSS for government from an international angle - specifically the fears and fights of people who try to implement it. 



Your LG ICT Team

P.S.: DPSA will give away some android tablets among those that participate in the survey, so be sure to try your luck!